Elizé is a UX Design Strategist, Educator, and Youtuber

Elizé's mission is to celebrate weird and bring fun into the world! She specializes in working with startups and small businesses, from design strategy to hiring and mentoring.

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UX Design Makeovers

I use business strategy, customer empathy, and great design practices to transform websites, apps, and products. I can provide UX makeovers with my team or work with your internal design team.

Consulting & Education

I help guide and mentor designers so that they can execute on business strategies while gaining a deeper understanding of the UX process.

Content Creation

I create content on Youtube that helps emerging designers grow in their career. I love creating a spark of motivation in others  by speaking about my own creative challenges and wins.


Latest Work


Challenge: Design a XD design file that showcases how XD streamlines workflows for Adobe Enterprise partners.

What We Made:
Hi-Fidelity Prototype

UX and UI Design, Prototyping

Latest Work


Challenge: Design the easiest app experience for vehicle-sharing in the market

What We Made: Hi-Fidelity Prototype, Pattern Library, UX flow chart

Services: UX and UI Design, Prototyping

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Latest Work
UX Education

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